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Red Dot SEO, is an expert internet marketing agency located in the Monterey area. Because we are the best internet marketing strategy team in our area. We bring the specialized knowledge and combined intelligence of a team of internet masters. We spend our free time playing with new and creative strategies to financially win on the internet. You can too.

Red Dot SEO is a premium SEO Agency for the Monterey area specializing in local clients. We like promoting only the best in each industry. Just because you are not yet on page one does not mean you are not the best choice for potential clients. However, the public truly is influenced by 1st-page rankings in Google. Our ability to promote and support your business is based on our ability to provide excellent reliable service to our clients. Why not partner with a local online marketing company that is exclusive in their ability to promote top service providers in their sector and industry. We specialize in search engine optimization for local businesses. We are in the business of driving traffic to your website, telephone number and your email. Don’t waste a single opportunity to attract business online. You know your clients are out there so how are you going to find them? Don’t wait for referrals to do the job of growing your business take action and invest in expert SEO service.

As you enroll in our services your business begins building a larger client base and our relationship becomes a win-win operation.

We welcome your inquiries, so give us a chance to increase your profits by calling me. Jody Royee at Red Dot SEO, the Monterey Internet Marketing, Website Development and Affiliate Marketing experts.  831-240-4253

Rudy De La Garza : Director

Since the early days of the Internet, proper content development and publishing has been key to penetrating organic search and gaining authority attribution (links).  Rudy’s is the Director of a team of content writers, editors, social media coordinators, promoters and search analysts all understand that content must be published properly.  He can ensure that your team also understands these and all other concepts of proper SEO.Rudy creates proprietary SEO tools, innovates content promotion techniques and offers unique insight on the subject of search traffic acquisition. Rudy De La Garza, Jr. has specialized in SEO since early 1997, before Google.

Back then Rudy was optimizing websites for Yahoo human reviewers, AltaVista, Lycos, and WebCrawler to name a few.

Matt Steggell Stallion DigitalMATT STEGGELL – Co-Strategist & Google Partner

Taking an SEO approach can be very affordable for most businesses.  It can be a lot more affordable than any other marketing campaigns. (Facebook Ads, Pay Per Call, Google Paid Advertising) If your company is strapped for cash you need to use the money that you do have in a cost effective campaign such as the type of SEO that we do to promote your website.  When used properly SEO can be very affordable and the ROI can be downright insane.  There are lots of SEO companies that will be able to create a profitable campaign for you and your business. Stallion Digital has teamed up with Red Dot SEO because where 2 or more are gathered there is a Master Mind at work. As part of the team I make sure we are the best Monterey internet marketing strategists around.

Matt Steggell Google AdWords Certification

Matt Steggell Google Analytics Certification

Mark Ryan SEO expertMARK RYAN – Co-Strategist

Mark Ryan Creative is a search engine marketing and web design specialist. Who specializes in info product SEO and Google Maps SEO (Google My Business). If your website needs more traffic, our proven system can help you dominate your competition.

Thousands a people a day are searching on Google for St. Louis’ businesses. They are needing everything from haircuts to legal services. But what happens when they search? Will they find your business or your competition? If your business is not performing up to your expectations, then it is time to make a change. You may be wondering how a St. Louis SEO expert can help your business? Simply put we get you on the top of Google.